Getting Lost to Find Your Way, written by Student Rabbi Avi Fine

Getting Lost to Find Your Way Student Rabbi Avi Fine Yom Kippur 5779- Temple Bat Yam and North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation Hiking in the mountains east of Seattle one day, as my dad tells me, he lost the trail. Alone, at the top of the mountain, he couldn’t find himself on his map. He couldn’t find the way down. He had no plan for what to do. Finally, he saw a person approaching. He asked … [Read more...]

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This weeks E-blast

SHABBAT SERVICES FRIDAY EVENING MARCH 1 CANCELLED DUE TO THE HEAVY AND CONTINUED SNOWFALL IN NORTH TAHOE AREA WITH DIFFICULT DRIVING CONDITIONS, SHABBAT SERVICES ON  FRIDAY ARE CANCELLED.  STAY SAFE AND KEEP WARM.   SHABBAT SHABBAT This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Vavak’heil, continues the Book of Exodus’ long description of the building of the Tabernacle. The Israelites are asked to bring … [Read more...]