Torah and Hike

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Rabbi’s Message

Why does attending services decrease mortality? In Temple times, people who came to the Temple were literally blessed by G-d through the priests (Numbers 6:23-27). Our Sages liken those 60 Hebrew letters of the Priestly Blessing to the 60 armed guards of King Solomon (Song of Songs 3:7-8). Certainly it’s tempting to speculate that G-d blesses those who attend religious … [Read more...]

High Holy Days Schedule

  High Holy Days Schedule     High Holy Days: Sunday            September 13  7:00pm   Erev Rosh Hashanah Monday           September 14 10:00am  Rosh Hashanah Morning Service & Tashlich Monday           September 14  2:00pm   Children’s Service pre-readers (Rosh Hashanah) Tuesday          September 15 10:00am   2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Service, Tahoe Vista … [Read more...]

Sukkot Pictures

Sukkot 2014     High Holidays 2014   Sawyer's Bar Mitzvah  8/16/2014       Visit the Tahoe Beauty.  Participate in a NTHC Hike   Ellie Sass Bat Mitzvah   Last Day of Religious  School 2014- Have  great summer.  See you next year !!   Consecration May 9, 2014 … [Read more...]

Our First Chavurah Pictures

  A wonderful day of Teaching, Discussions and Participation for the Global Day of Jewish Learning  November 17, 2013 … [Read more...]