E-blast for January 12, 2018

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12 @ 7:00pm
Join us for services this Shabbat evening, January 12 at 7:00pm to be lead by our Student Rabbi Avi Fine. This week’s Parashat Va-eira, the second portion in the Book of Exodus, finds that Moses has been instructed by God that the children of Israel would be freed from the oppression of slavery. You’d assume they’d be overjoyed! Well, not exactly! Moses’ news was met with skepticism because of their Kotzer ruach and because of their hard labor.  Kotzer ruach means shortness or spirit or shortness of breath. Ruach can describe the physical act of breathing – were our ancestors simply too winded from the hard work to listen to Moses? Ruach also means “spirit” and it is said that their heart could not assimilate such a promise. They were fearful something would go wrong with the plan for freedom. They lacked the spirit to consider freedom.

Fear of the unknown spins the Israelites into paralysis. They keep their own world small because they are too traumatized to imagine anything else. The idea of trying seems like more trouble than it is worth. At a certain point, it is not the situation that limits them. They limit themselves. Their shortened spirits make their world shrink.Sadly, slavery and its degrading and dehumanizing effects still exists in our world. While we, ourselves, do not face slavery, all of us experience some kind of kotzer ruach. We let the familiarity of what we know prevent us from asking what else is possible. Don’t let the world at-large shrunk our own.    See you Friday evening.


Mother Nature has not been kind to those of us who want to ski on real snow. Where the man-made stuff at Northstar has been “OK” at best in limited runs, the conditions on Tuesday, January 16 (after the throng of skiers here this weekend for the 3 day holiday) may not be favorable. If you are on Veronica Kaufman’s email list, you will get a message about the plans. If we do not ski, we may just have lunch in the village. Keep an eye out for the update. If there are unanswered questions you can contact a Veronica or Miles.



  • There have been complaints about dogs brought into the Temple from those  who have dog allergies or sensitivity. The Board would ask that congregants refrain from bringing their dogs unless they are ADA certified.
  •  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – do NOT share your Temple directories with any outside persons or institutions. These must be confidential at all times. Unwarranted solicitations, invitations and meddling can occur. PLEASE!
  • We are in the process of updating our outdoor lighting with brighter LED lights and motion detector lights (there is an alarm system with video at present). This is an effort to enhance the security of the congregation.
  • The board approved the purchase of the bound version of the High Holiday prayer books used last year. The cost is $40 for the two book set. A  campaign to sell these books with inscriptions from the donors will be forthcoming. We are awaiting the desire of Temple Bat Yam to join with us.
  • Schedule changes worth noting…..Shabbat Services on Friday, January 26 will be combined with Temple Bat Yam in South Shore. This will be a Shabbat Shira, a special musical service with musicians from both congregations. Yartzeits will be read from both Temples and we will repeat the names at NTHC on Friday evening, February 2.
  • The February 23 Shabbat Services will begin at 6:00 pm and will be geared to both children and adults. THERE WILL BE A PRESENTATION BY REPRESENTATIVES FROM URJ AFFILIATED SUMMER CAMPS.
  • Purim will be celebrated at Religious School on Tuesday, February 27 with a Purim schpiel Megillah reading beginning at 5 pm. All are encouraged to attend.
  • Our Membership remains strong with 16 new families joining the last 6 months. Membership is currently 100. (We have capacity for more!)
  • The financial report showed a small surplus with expenses below budget after 6 months into the fiscal year.
  • The L’dor v’dor Legacy Society is preparing material for congregational distribution and a budget for their need was approved.

JUNE 16-28, 2018
An initial presentation for the trip to Israel led by Rabbi Yakar and Rabbi Alan Rabishaw of Temple or Rishon in Orangeville was recently held. This is an excellent opportunity to share the sights and culture of Eretz Yisroel with a group of adults and children. Visiting Israel is life-changing. Consider this  opportunity for yourself, your family, your grandchildren.. Contact the Rabbi for further details at .(rabbi@tbytahoe.org).


The Sisterhood has a monthly book club which we will highlight regularly.

January 20. Host Vita Dworkin.  “Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly

February 10. Host Carol Steingard.  “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George

March 17. Host Eliana Kuhn. “All the Rivers” by Dorit Rabinyam


Friday, January 12 
7:00pm Shabbat Services with Student Rabbi Avi Fine
Tuesday, January 16
8:15am Torah and Ski at Northstar
4:00pm Religious School
Friday, January 19
5:00pm Torah Study with Rabbi Larry Raphael
6:00pm Shabbat Services
7:00pm Potluck dinner
Tuesday, January 23
12:00pm Men’s Club luncheon
4:00pm Religious School
Wednesday, January 24
12:00pm Mahjong
Friday, January 26
7:00 pm Shabbat Shira Service combined with Temple Bat Yam at South Shore.
Tuesday, January 30
4:00 pm. Religious School featuring a Tu B’shevat Seder

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