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In light of the recent tragedy in Pittsburgh this past week, synagogues throughout the country are participating in #Stand Up For Shabbat, to show our solidarity and resolve. There will be a catered dinner, provided by Mike and Jane Frank at 6:00pm
for those who have previously sent an RSVP. Please bring a deli side dish. For all others, we welcome you to the Chavurah service, led by Michael Frank at 7:00 pm. His talk will be, “Insights from Chayei Sarah, Rabbi Volpe and Rabbi Sachs.In this week’s Parashat, Chayei Sarah (Sarah lived), Sarah dies at 127 an she is buried by Abraham in the cave of Machpelah. Abraham then sends a servant to find a bride for Isaac, and finds that Rebecca’s kindness to him and his camels are what would make a perfect wife for Isaac. (She just happens to be Abraham’s niece – so Isaac marries his first cousin.) Abraham takes another wife, named Keturah (who actually may be Hagar) and has 6 more children. At the end of the portion, at 175 years old, Abraham dies and both Isaac AND Ismael bury him in the cave with Sarah. Nothing is said of the presence of his other children at this event. Families!


We am comforted in our fear, we are embraced in our anxiety and we are listened to in our anger….  These we have seen and felt more keenly in recent days.  It is all of you who have provided comfort, embraced and listened.  It is also our wider community of faith, beyond the Jewish community alone, who have been present too.  It is through these human connections and relationships that we are able to dispel the darkness that has fallen on the Jewish world and our nation.  We mourn together the lives cut short by the murders in Pittsburgh and our grief is real, very real.

On Tuesday, our Tahoe Jewish communities, at Temple Bat Yam and at North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation prayed together in our sanctuaries.  And that is what we must continue to do – to be together.  We are comforted and embraced when we come together; we cherish our human connections and relationships.  As Shabbat approaches, we will come together to continue to dispel that darkness.  When we join to welcome Shabbat this Friday, we will be standing up to the evil we see in our world.  Yes, this is a plea for you to show up on Shabbat.  Yet, it is to give us all the chance to be comforted, to be embraced and to be heard.  Welcoming Shabbat together, particularly on this Shabbat, is a declaration of our faith, a statement of faith through our actions that Am Yisrael Chai – the People of Israel lives, and lives with hope in our hearts.

In the Gevurot prayer, we list the powers of God.  Knowing that we are partners with the Divine, we can bring to life an live these powers in our world, it is on us to make them real.  Listed among these is Somech Noflim – to Support the Fallen.  We support the Jewish world, and each other, when we are together.  We have the power to bring the shechinah – the sheltering presence of God – into our world when we join in prayer, in song and in community.

We look forward to continuing the work of comfort, of embrace and of listening together with all of you.

B’Tikvah – With Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow,

Rabbi Evon

PS.  I encourage you to read this blog post by a colleague and friend, Rabbi Micah Lapidus –

(Safety and security for the NTHC family – from the Temple President)
As we reflect on the horrific tragedy that occurred in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh this past week, I’d like to share our strategies, both present and future that ensure a safe environment for the Temple family and the other institutions that utilize our building. First, however, we need perspective. Over the past three years, anti-Semitic incidents have dramatically increased, as reported to the ADL (Anti-defamation League). These occurrences have increase from 941 in 2015 to 1267 in 2016 to 1986 in year 2017. That being said,  in over 4,000 events, there had been one (1) incident of violence, one! (Of course, before last week). Primarily, these incidents are harassment and vandalism. The risk a of bodily harm event is extremely remote. We have been fortunate to not have had an event of harassment or vandalism at NTHC in recent memory, unlike our local church neighbors. But when Americans own 112 guns per 100 population and there are 104 gun deaths in the USA every day (compare with Britain’s 2.6 guns per 100 people and 55 gun deaths per year) we cannot be complacent, and we have not been and will not be.The most important first step in safety is having a strong relationship with the local law enforcement agencies. We have had that for years with the Placer County Sheriff Department, whose off duty officers have provided on-site security for the
past two years for High Holiday Services and selected community events. Secondly, our doors are locked during the day. Access now is with a doorbell and camera, and where that maybe temporarily inconvenient and access to our building is always

welcome, it is now better controlled. We will have an usher at the door for all Shabbat services who will allow access, while the door remains locked from the outside. We have security cameras both inside and outside the building with loop recording
capabilities. The parking lot lights are brighter LED bulbs, and we have motion sensitive lights in the parking lot. Our door entries are monitored by a security alarm system. You can feel safe in our building.Going forward, I am establishing a Safety Committee to assess our systems and needs, working with appropriate agencies, including Placer Sheriff, Department of Homeland Security, URJ “Best Practices” and other local religious institutions.
As we go forward, all will be kept informed of our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of those who visit our facility.

Miles Adler

At the last High Holiday Services, we used softbound draft copies of the new High Holiday Mazorim, Mishkan Hanefesh. We have purchased the hard bound version, a two volume set, which will provide everyone with their own prayer book at Services. These sets were $40, and an active campaign has begun to have the congregation purchase a set, which will be inscribed with the donor’s name, to defray this significant cost.Please send your check for $40, or multiples if you desire, to the Temple with your inscription. These mazorim replace our old Gates of Repentance which were printed just after the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land!

  • Wednesday’s at noon. Mahjong.
  • Saturday, November 3, 10:30 am.  Weaving demonstration by Dr. Sue Maturlo at her home, 47 Knotty Pine, Incline, Nv.  Lunch to follow. Monday, November 5, 12:00 pm. Crafty Crafters meet at Spindleshanks.
  • Wednesday, November 7, 3:00 pm. Sisterhood Meeting.
  • Saturday, November 17. Sisterhood Book Club, hosted by Sally Flanzer Reviewing, Paris in the Present Tense, by Mark HelprinMonday, November 19, 12:00 pm. Sisterhood Birthday Luncheon location TBA.  Honoring Heidi Doyle.

Friday, November 2, 6:00pm Chavurah potluck and Shabbat Services. Hosted by Mike and Jane Frank. Dr Frank will speak on New topics for discussion; Insights from Chayei Sarah, Rabbi Volpe and Rabbi Sachs. It’s STAND UP FOR SHABBAT showing solidarity with congregations throughout the countryA special dinner potluck is planned.
Friday, November 9, 6:00pm PIZZA DINNER & FAMILY SHABBAT with Rabbi Yakar.
Friday, November 16, 7:00pm Shabbat Services with Rabbi Yakar.
Friday, November 30, 5:00pm Potluck, Torah Study and Shabbat Services with Rabbi Larry Raphael.
Friday, December 7, 6:00pm  Chavurah Shabbat Services hosted by Veronica Kaufman. Speaker to be announced.
Friday, December 14, 7:00pm Shabbat Services with Rabbi Yakar.
Friday, December 21, 5:00pm Potluck, Torah Study and Shabbat Services with Rabbi Larry Raphael.

 Tuesdays, November 6 and November 13, 6:30 – 8:00pm Adult Education Series “Reform Judaism “ with Rabbi Yakar
Saturday, December 9, 5:00pm Sisterhood Chanukah Brisket and Latke Dinner and Chanukah Faire

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