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Please join with Rabbi Avi Fine for Shabbat Shuva Services (the Shabbat between the two High Holidays. We will read the brief and beautiful Torah portion, Vayeilech, this week as we near the conclusion of the Book of Deuteronomy. Three times within this brief portion we find the words “Be strong and resolute”, as follows: Moses, on the brink of his death and service to God and the Israelites, lays the groundwork for his disciple and successor, Joshua, to lead the people into the Promised Land. Moses prepared the the people for his absence and Joshua’s leadership, reassuring them, Chizku v’imtzu, “Be strong and resolute” repeating these exact words to Joshua in the sight of the entire people THREE times in Chapter 31.

Our sacred task of t’shuvah, “repentance,” during the 10 days of these High Holidays requires a certain strength and a certain courage as well. Through Moses in this Torah portion, God calls out to us, Chizku, “Be strong.” Be strong says God as you hold up a spiritual mirror to yourself in this moment. Who was I this past year? Who did I strive to be? Did I meet the mark? Who do I want to be? V’imtzu, “ Be courageous.”  Be courageous, says God as you imagine who you can become in the year ahead. Be courageous enough to believe that you can change. Be courageous enough to try to be different, to move past old habits and to strive to live up to a vision of your ideal self. To engage in t’shuvah, the spiritual process of repentance, we need both strength and courage; not simply one or the other. The voice of doubt within worries, What if I really can’t change? What if I’m not just good enough? Here, too, our Torah portion answers, lifting us up. “I will be with you,” God says. God made us and knows who we are: always striving, always developing, always becoming. “Be strong and
courageous; God will be with you.      Shana Tovah 



At the last High Holiday Services, we used softbound draft copies of the new High Holiday Mazorim, Mishkan 
Hanefesh. We have purchased the hard bound version, a two volume set, which will provide everyone with their own prayer book at Services. These sets were $40, and an active campaign has begun to have the congregation purchase a set, which will be inscribed with the donor’s name, to defray this significant cost.Please send your check for $40, or multiples if you desire, to the Temple with your inscription. These mazorim replace our old Gates of Repentance which were printed just after the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land!

  • Wednesday’s at noon. Mahjong.
  • Friday, September 14, 12:00 pm. Sisterhood Birthday Luncheon at the Chateau in Incline honoring Vita Dworkin, Pam Dickerman and Janet Zipkin   Note the date change.
  • Saturday, September 15, 10:00 am. Sisterhood Book Club hosted by Margaret Grossman. General book discussion and exchange. Please bring 2-3 books to exchange.


Friday, September 14, 7:00pm
Shabbat Services with Rabbi Avi Fine (Shabbat Shuva).
Friday, September 21, 7:00pm Shabbat Services with Rabbi Yakar.
Friday, September 28, 5:00 pm Torah Study, Shabbat Services and potluck with Larry Raphael.
Friday, October 5, 6:00pm Chavurah Shabbat Services with potluck hosted by Bonnie and Bart Yachbes. The speakers will be representatives from local fire jurisdictions on defensible space and safety.
Friday, October 12, 7:00pm Shabbat Services with Rabbi Avi Fine.
Saturday, October 20, 10:00am Shabbat Morning Services with Rabbi Yakar.
Friday, October 26, 5:00 pm Torah Study, Shabbat Services and Potluck with Rabbi Larry Raphael.
Friday, November 2, 6:00pm Chavurah potluck and Shabbat Services. Hosted by
Mike and Jane Frank.

Click the link below for the High Holy Service Schedule

Sunday, September 16, 10:00am  Reno Hadassah will present a program
“GI Jews: Jewish Americans in WW II” @ Temple Emanu-el,
1031 Manzanita Lane, Reno.
Information at:
Tuesday, September 25, 4:00pm Registration and first day of Religious School.


Tashlich at the Lake


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