High Holy Days Schedule

2017 HHD Schedule

Saturday, September 16              6:00pm    Slichol @ Spooner Lake State Park

Wednesday, September 20         7:00pm    Erev RH led by Rabbi Yakar

Thursday, September 21             10:00am  RH Morning led by Student Rabbi Fine

12:30pm  Tashlich led by Student Rabbi Fine

2:00pm    Young People’s Services led by Student Rabbi Fine

Friday, September 22                  9:00am     Spiritual Hike: Our hike will explore how the world around us prepares us for the

transition into a new year.


Friday, September 22                    11:00am  2nd Day RH: Community Service at Spooner Lake State Park with Temple Bat Yam

followed by a community dairy potluck…bring a dish to share!!

Friday, September 29                  7:00pm    Kol Nidre led by Student Rabbi Fine

Saturday, September 30              10:00am  YK Morning led by Rabbi Yakar

2:00pm    Young People’s Service led by Rabbi Yakar

3:00pm    Study led by Rabbi Yakar

4:00pm    Afternoon led by Rabbi Yakar

5:00pm    Healing Service led by Rabbi Yakar

6:00pm    Neilah led by Rabbi Yakar

6:30pm    Break Fast

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