Adding a Blog Post

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post then you have the privilege of being a contributor to a specific category of posts on the web site. You should have already been informed of your category when you received your login to the site. Creating posts in WordPress is very easy once you learn your way around! If you are familiar with writing an email or using Microsoft Word, you will find the process very similar.

WordPress makes it very easy to add text, photos, and videos onto a page. At this time it might be useful for you to open a new window in your browser so you can perform the steps below and still be able to read these instructions.

The basic workflow to add a new post is:

  1. Log into the dashboard.
  2. Click Posts in the left menu, then click Add New.
  3. You are now in the Post editor – you use this interface to add and edit posts.  Pause a moment to look down the body of the page.  The main elements are the post title, and the post edit control.
  4. In the post title type the title for your post – such as Manifesto #1.grumpy_cat
  5. Now you can start writing your post using the post edit control.  The edit control has a large text box for entering text.  Along the left top edge of the text box there are controls for styling text.  On the upper right there are tabs allowing you to switch between “Visual” aka WYSIWYG and text (HTML) mode.
  6. See the Add media button to the upper left?  Click that to upload a photo to be inserted into your post.  You can add a grumpy cat picture to your post in seconds!  You can even resize the photo after you’ve uploaded it.  Click on the inserted photo to show the Edit Picture button – click that for additional formatting options. To move the picture just click and drag it to a new position.  Be sure to try adding a picture to your first test post – once you get the hang of it your posts will be that much more fun and expressive.
  7. Embedding a video from YouTube or some other video sites is super simple.  It’s just a matter of cutting and pasting the URL of the YouTube video onto your page!  I got a little fancy below by wrapping the YouTube link with an “embed” tag to control the width.  If you’re serious about being a blogger you’ll learn about these tricks by googling phrases like “how to embed a video in my wordpress post” – you’ll be inundated with information.  See the section below called Embedding a Video for more details.
  8. Now you have this amazing post full of witty text, graphics and a few videos.  All very tasteful and informative; your adoring fan base is waiting with bated breath. To publish your post see the section to the upper right called Publish.  Here you can unleash your post to the public – or set it to draft mode and come back to it later for further polishing.  You can also set it to Pending Review and ask an admin to look it over!
  9. Use the Category box at right to assign your post to your assigned category.  Remember to do this before publishing your post!
  10. Lastly – you can always come back and edit your post at a later date.  Just click Posts->All Posts in the left menu and click your post.
  11. Writing this much about creating a post probably makes it look more complicated than it is.  Once you learn a few simple procedures you’ll realize how easy it is.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with the edit controls.  Roll your mouse over each one to see a tooltip.  The rightmost one is to Show/Hide Kitchen Sink – which opens a second row of controls.  Some of these controls are very useful.

You can resize the edit control by dragging the lower right corner.

You’ll probably want to stay in Visual mode (upper right tab) most of the time.  But jump over to text if you want to get up and close and personal with your post’s HTML code.  Click the link below to read the official WordPress “writing a post” page.  It contains tips about using the visual editor.  The page also has some best practices for blog authors.

If you wrote your post in Microsoft Word and are pasting into your post – see the Paste from Microsoft Word control.  They think of everything!


If you want to learn more about embedding video visit the link below:

Also – see the following video about adding a post – you might pick up a few tips.