Sukkot Pictures

Sukkot 2014     High Holidays 2014   Sawyer's Bar Mitzvah ¬†8/16/2014       Visit the Tahoe Beauty. ¬†Participate in a NTHC Hike   Ellie Sass Bat Mitzvah   Last Day of Religious ¬†School 2014- Have ¬†great summer. ¬†See you next year !!   Consecration May 9, 2014 … [Read more...]

End of Life, Funerals and Mourning

We believe that the days surrounding the death of a loved one is holy time -- a time to be supported by one's community and to receive comfort. For the sick, requests to our Caring Committee bring visits from NTHC members who offer warmth and support in the face of difficult life challenges as well as warm meals. When a life nears its end, our clergy console and guide the ill, the aged and … [Read more...]


Becoming a Jew by choice¬†‚Ä®Are you wondering what it would mean to become a Jew? We would love to help you explore this question. At NTHC, the path toward becoming a Jew is created for each individual and can take many forms. For each person who seeks to become a Jew in our community, we aim to create ways toward Judaism that are engaging, accessible, joyful and challenging. The specific process … [Read more...]


At NTHC, we see each and every Jewish wedding as not only an opportunity to create a vibrant and festive ceremony, but also as a chance to begin a couple's commitment to a vibrant and festive Jewish home. Therefore, in helping to shape weddings, we welcome all couples that wish to get married with Jewish ritual and customs and begin the process of having a Jewish home, no matter their religious … [Read more...]

Bnai Mitzvah

Please see Bnai Mitzvah in our Education page. … [Read more...]

Baby Namings and Britot

You are expecting a baby!¬† Mazal tov! We welcome full participation from the diverse range of families in North Lake Tahoe who wish to have a Jewish baby naming or bris (Jewish coventantal circumcision). Here at NTHC, we welcome baby namings and britot (plural of bris) as opportunities to create new Jewish paths for our growing families and can help connect you to blessings and resources for home … [Read more...]

Lake Tahoe is a unique place to pray and be with God.

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NTHC, A place of learning for all.

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Our First Chavurah Pictures

  A wonderful day of Teaching, Discussions and Participation¬†for the Global Day of Jewish Learning ¬†November 17, 2013 … [Read more...]