Baby Namings and Britot

You are expecting a baby!  Mazal tov!

We welcome full participation from the diverse range of families in North Lake Tahoe who wish to have a Jewish baby naming or bris (Jewish coventantal circumcision). Here at NTHC, we welcome baby namings and britot (plural of bris) as opportunities to create new Jewish paths for our growing families and can help connect you to blessings and resources for home or for congregational ceremonies held during a Kabbalat Shabbat service (Friday nights at 7 pm).

We hope to join with you and all members of your family to help shape a Jewish ritual for your baby that will mark his or her entry into the world and our community with meaning and purpose, including helping to choose a meaningful Hebrew name. According to the Jewish Reform Movement, children with one Jewish parent (mother or father) are considered fully Jewish if they are raised and educated as Jews.

If you have questions, want to know your options, or wonder about the impact of your decisions on the religious identity of your child, please call the Rabbi @ 530-546-0895.

Suggested reading: The New Jewish Baby Book by Anita Diamant

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