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Men’s Club News

More to Come ********************************* Year End Wishes, Thoughts and Resolutions Harry: Isn’t it time to put the Chicken Pot Pie onto the menu as a permanent selection? I realize Jason’s hasn’t printed a new menu since the last time the Constitution was amended, but, gee, this is the 20th Century!! Ernie: A wish for the New Year: Peace on Earth and good will towards man! Sure, … [Read more...]

Men’s Club News – Look for update to come

Yes sport fans, it’s actually happened, truth being stranger than fiction: this very year, two of our country’s iconic holidays are falling on the same date. It’s everything that everyone everywhere is talking about. “Imagine,” Ernie said, “Christmas and New Years being celebrated on the same day!” “Makes sense; nothing ever got done on the days between anyway; I know I sure don’t do anything,” … [Read more...]

Men’s Club News October 2013

             There may have been a spring in our steps, but it was time for the fall, and the Autumnal season meant we need put our financial house in order.             “Time to vote on our budget for the next fiscal year,” chimed President Barry.             “Thanks for reminding me,” Harry remembered. “I haven’t had a physical this year either.”             Money-wise, it had been a good … [Read more...]

Men’s Club News August 2013

Ah, August. A New Year in the offing; the #$@%! tourists have retreated to the Bay Area, leaving some parking spaces for our biweekly Jason’s luncheon, and once again, it’s time for Men’s Club elections. Previously, one dared not miss a late summer meeting for fear they would be proposed and unanimously elected to high club office---witness Barry Jenkins, who summers in Florida (that’s another … [Read more...]

Men’s Club News June 2013

(Editor’s Note: The following document, initially intended for the June issue of the Shofar, mysteriously disappeared, only to be discovered, mere hours ago, in the International Arrivals terminal of the Moscow Airport) And this is how we first found out: Full and feted, satiated in mind and body after another stimulating Men’s Club Luncheon, he whistles his way home, only to find the wife … [Read more...]