E-blast for May 10, 2018


Join us for Chavurah Shabbat Services this Friday evening, at 6:45 pm. Jerry Flanzer will lead the service, followed by a presentation by Judith Schumer, born in Shanghai to Holocaust survivors. Her program, titled “A Family’s Journey to Freedom” tells the story of her family from Poland to Lithuania to Japan and then to China to escape the Nazis. With the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide, including the recent desecration at the former death camp at Auschwitz just this past week, hers is a story for BOTH children and adults. Please join us.

The Torah portion this week is a double Parashat, B’har/B’chukotai, which concludes the Book of Leviticus. God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites that in every seventh year, the land shall observe a Sabbath of complete rest. Fields should not be sown and the vines should not be pruned. Additionally, after forty-nine years a jubilee year is to be celebrated when all the land that has been sold during that time should be returned to its original owners and all slaves are to be freed.

God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites not to make idols, to keep the Sabbath and to venerate the sanctuary of the Eternal (repetition from previous chapters). And very Importantly God promises blessings to the Children of Israel if they follow the law and warns about the curses that will befall the people if they do not observe God’s

We will see you in the Book of Numbers next week (along with Shavuot).

Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazeik. Be strong, be strong and let us strengthen each other.


Rabbi Yakar will conduct an informational meeting and hosted dinner for B’nai Mitzvah students and their parents on Tuesday, May 15 at 6:15 pm. Please let the Rabbi know if you are able to attend. A special email has been sent to those who will celebrate this simcha in the next 18-24 months.



  • **NOTE DATE CHANGE  Sisterhood Book Club hosted by Barbara Caliendo
    the book, “This Copyrighted Broadcast”, will be reviewed. Written by Hank Greenwald former radio broadcaster for the NY Yankees and SF Giants the event may feature the author himself. Men are invited to attend.
  • Sisterhood will sponsor the dinner for the prospective B’nai Mitzvah students and parents at 6:30 pm, May 15, after Religious School.
  • June Book Club. Saturday June 16 hosted by Joyce Grunauer. The book to be reviewed is “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng.

Have YOU made plans in your estate for NTHC. Let us show you how.

Please consider including NTHC in your estate plans. Join the L’Dor V’dor Legacy Society and keep continuity of North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation community alive for future generations. Currently, the Temple has two permanent Endowment Funds, The Thomas Wayne Grossman Building Endowment and The Greater Lake Tahoe Fund for Jewish Learning which provides for the programmatic work of the Temple. Details of the Legacy Society program will be announced at the Annual Congregational Meeting and at High Holidays. For more information on how YOU can make a difference contact Barbara Ansel @ 775-298-2695. The Endowment funds are managed by the Jewish Community Foundation of the West in Sacramento.

Friday, May 4
7:00pm Shabbat Services with Rabbi Yakar
Tuesday, May 8
12:00pm  Sisterhood Birthday Luncheon @ Jason’s
12:00pm Men’s Club luncheon
4:00pm Religious School
Wednesday, May 9
12:00pm Mahjong
Friday, May 11
6:45pm (NOTE TIME) Chavurah Shabbat Services with guest speaker Judith Schumer, A Family’s Journey to Freedom – a Holocaust Memoir.
Tuesday, May 15
9:30am Pre-Meal Hike (to be announced)
11:00am Torah Study at the Old Post Office
4:00pm Religious School
6:15pm Informational meeting and dinner for B’nail Mitzvah families,
with Rabbi Yakar
Wednesday, May 16
12:00pm Mahjong
Friday, May 18
Saturday, May 19
10:00am Shabbat Morning Services with celebration of Shavuot with Rabbi Avi Fine.
Bagels and lox as an added enticement to follow the service.
Tuesday, May 22
12:00pm Men’s Club luncheon
4:00pm Religious School
Wednesday, May 23
12:00pm Mahjong
Friday, May 25
5:00pm Torah Study, Shabbat Services and potluck with Rabbi Larry Raphael
Monday, May 28
Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 29
4:00pm Religious School (last day)
2:15pm Board of Directors Meeting
5:00pm BBQ for Religious School students and parents hosted by the Board of Directors.  All are invited.
Wednesday, May 30
12:00pm Mahjong

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