This weeks E-blast


As this Pesach continues, I am struck by the ingenuity with which our Jewish people, across the globe, has embraced this tradition.  The seder meals, the learning, the dietary realities and more have all been re-envisioned and re-created.  Sure, the core of our Reform Jewish tradition is about making choices about our Jewish practice through knowledge of the traditions, but this year has demonstrated a unique and enduring commitment to what it means to be Jewish.  At a moment during our Zoom family seder, we asked the question:  What does it mean to be Jewish?  We got to hear from all across the country and across ages from 4 to 91.  One response was:  This!  This Zoom seder is what it means to be Jewish.  It is the awareness of what connects and binds us together.  Being Jewish is carrying on our story and contenting to retell the story in always renewed and meaningful ways!
So, as we continue to shelter ourselves and our communities from this almost invisible foe of the Novel Corona Virus, may we continue to be committed to ensuring our community remains stitched tightly together!

Zissen Pesach – A Joyous Passover,

Rabbi Evon 

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