Sawyer Thompson Bar Mitzvah

Lifelong Learning at NTHC

“Don’t do to someone else what is hateful to you: this is the whole Torah. The rest is commentary. Go and study.”— Hillel in B. Shabbat 31a

  • Religious School
  • Family Shabbat with Religious School participation
  • Sisterhood’s Monthly Book Group
  • First Friday Cultural Series
  • Education Committee

North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation believes that learning is a never ending process. From the first moments our parents hold us, smile at us and begin to impart Jewish values, until our last breath, we have the joy and the responsibility to keep growing spiritually, Jewishly, to become the mensches we are meant to become.

The goal of North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation Religious School is to raise mensches who are enveloped in Jewish spirituality. This involves:

  • Torah – values: how to live them and how to talk about them
  • Moadim– our holy days and what they mean historically, ritually and psychospiritually
  • Derech eretz– how to live an ethical life in a cultural context
  • Lashon hakodesh– the holy language of Hebrew

Classes, which run September through May, are divided by age groups:

Garinim (Seeds) Class – For students entering Kindergarten – 2nd grade. 
The focus is on learning about Jewish customs, traditions and history in a fun, age appropriate environment. Hebrew letters and common prayers are woven through the classes. The class combines arts and crafts, reading, games, puzzles, and other fun activities to make this a great way to start out a Jewish Education.

Alim (Leaves) Class – For 3rd-5th grades and Anafim (Branches) Class – For 6th-7th grades. The Alim and Anafim classes focus equally on Judaica education and Hebrew studies. Each session is taught for 45 minutes by separate teachers, with the focus on increasing knowledge in both Judaica education and Hebrew studies. These ongoing classes provide a solid foundation for Jewish living.
The school meets on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 6:15PM. See Religious School calendar for details.

North Tahoe Teens and Youth (NoTTY) –  The post B’nai Mitzvah students also help in the Religious School classrooms as Madrichim, Teachers’ Assistants.

The Family Shabbat Service and Dinner is a big social event that brings together kids, parents, other congregants with food – pizza some months, Jewish food others. Our kids participate in the service, sharing their growing prayer skills and becoming comfortable leading the service. The dinner also serves as an inexpensive and easy fundraiser for our religious school. The evening is a great way to unwind at the end of a week: food, community, and then an engaging prayer service with lots of singing.

Sisterhood’s monthly book group(see calendar for time, place and book) offers stimulating discussion—whether you like the book or not, a delicious brunch and, of course, the joys of sisterhood.

Our First Friday Cultural Series hosts a monthly speaker to stimulate your mind—authors, Israel, interfaith sharing: you name, we will discuss it. Not surprisingly, it happens at the first Friday service of each month.

The Education Committee works with the Religious School Director & Rabbi to oversee and support lifelong learning, and especially the school. The committee also works with parents and Sisterhood to put on an annual fundraising carnival event at Chanukah or at Purim, as well as other special services and events during the year. We welcome new members.

For more information, please contact the office at (530) 546-0895