End of Life, Funerals and Mourning

We believe that the days surrounding the death of a loved one is holy time — a time to be supported by one’s community and to receive comfort.

For the sick, requests to our Caring Committee bring visits from NTHC members who offer warmth and support in the face of difficult life challenges as well as warm meals. When a life nears its end, our clergy console and guide the ill, the aged and their loved ones.

Regardless of your background, if you are a mourner in our community, we want you to feel supported and comforted. We welcome you to mark the death of your loved ones, no matter their religious background, by joining us in reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish (the prayer that marks the holiness of God even in times of loss), and by including the names of your loved ones on our yahrzeit list (a list of names of those who have died this week in years past). As well, our community will reach out to you and offer comfort by helping you to sit shiva (a ritual where the mourners open their home to food and visits from the community, as well as a short service) and connecting you to Jewish mourning practices.

Finally, our rabbi is honored to conduct funerals for congregational members, regardless of religious background, and unveilings.

Suggested reading: Jewish Reflections on Death by Jack Reimer

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