The North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation

The Sisterhood works with the NTHC Board to achieve several goals.

  • To utilize our beautiful building
  • To assist with the Temple Board’s programs
  • To publicize the congregation to the Jewish community
  • To involve and encourage the congregation participation

The impact of our organization is felt in almost all phases of temple life and it can only continue with the support of your membership and participation in the various programs and activities sponsored by the Sisterhood.

In the past several years, the Sisterhood has: 

  • Established several programs; a very active book group, a needlework and crafts group, informal lunches, cooking workshops and demonstrations, winter snowshoeing and cross country and summer hiking, and field trips. 
  • Raised funds for the temple kitchen to purchase supplies, dishes, glasses and tableware. Opportunities will continue to be created to add to our funds. 
  • Planned various programs to make use of our wonderful temple building: Our meetings are held here; Game Night, open to all NTHC members; Shabbat dinners are scheduled on first Friday nights;. On Wednesday mornings, we play Mah Jongg, and offer instructions to those who have an interest in learning this congenial game. 

Our concern with the viability of the Religious School is expressed by the Sisterhood’s financial assistance to the Religious School Scholarship Fund. Onegs are a vital part of our contribution to the congregation. The Oneg Chair sets up and coordinates the scheduling of the hosts for the Potluck Shabbat dinners on the first Friday night’s service and Onegs for Friday night service other than sponsored by the Religious School. Sponsoring the Break Fast has been the responsibility of the Sisterhood which is partially funded by the yahrzeit candles contributions.

With the temple board establishing the Tikkun Olam committee, the Sisterhood has appointed a liaison with that committee. One of the Sisterhood’s goals is community services and coordination with the Tikkun Olam committee which would result in better programs, participation and avoid duplication of resources, both human and supplies.

The Sisterhood Board at its April 2008 meeting decided to turn sisterhood from the traditional, institutional organization, into a series of committees. Each committee will continue with its current Chair. Sisterhood Members meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:15 following Mah Jongg. The meetings will be less formal, open to anyone, with committee heads bringing their concerns and plans ‘to the table’ for discussion. Money expenditures would require a vote of committee heads present at these meetings.

We value the women of our temple whether you have a little or a lot of time to offer.

By joining our Sisterhood, you thereby add your voice to the strength of Jewish women. Strength in numbers means strength in spirit and a far greater impact than any one of us could achieve alone. The Sisterhood needs the support of all the women of the Congregation. Consider being a part of a very significant contribution to the Jewish community.

If you are interested in Joining the Sisterhood please complete this form and submit it to the temple offices.

Committee Chairs

Fundraising, Carol Steingard 530-587-7922
Review programming if it has fund raising potential; develop ideas for fund raising events; coordinate fund raising events with other committee chairs

Programming, Myra Hanish 775-833-1066
Create activities for the sisterhood; present ideas at Sisterhood meetings; coordinate with other committee chairs;

Membership, Carol Steingard 530-587-7922
Prepare membership forms; mail forms to congregation; coordinate with treasurer membership fees; prepare directory for sisterhood members; organize membership luncheon;

Secretary, Lynn Flagg 775-831-4025
Take notes at Sisterhood meetings; email minutes to Sisterhood members; edit minutes, if needed, send edited minutes to all women in congregation and to the Sisterhood web page.

Treasurer, Rose Orenstein 530-546-2559
Handles the finances of the Sisterhood; keeps balance sheet; collects fees from Sisterhood members; collects monies from fund raisers; makes disbursements; makes financial report at Sisterhood meetings; collects monies from gift shop sales; maintains checkbooks and bank statements;

Oneg Shabbat, Trudy Lesem 530-546-0519 & Abby Meyer 530-546-9051
Sets up schedule for Friday Shabbat services

Book Club, Margaret Lewicki 530-550-0570
Sets up host schedule for monthly book group meetings; recommends books for discussion; writes monthly Shofar article; send email reminders of book group meetings

Email & phone tree, Lorri Waldman 775-831-8039
Sets up phone tree; sets up group emails; sends email to Sisterhood membership when requested by Sisterhood member

Book Club, Margaret Lewicki 530-550-0570
Sets up schedule for book club meetings; sends email reminders

Past President, Margaret Lewicki 530-550-0570

Advisors, Yudi Nadler 530-546-7942 & Judy Varadi 775-833-4470