We warmly welcome our new student rabbi, Chayva Lehrman who will serve in this capacity in 2019-2020 at NTHC and Temple Bat Yam. She is a third year student who has just returned from her UJA-HUC Year in Israel. Like Avi Fine, Chayva is pursuing both rabbinical ordination and a masters in Jewish nonprofit management.

Chayva was raised at Congregation Beth Am of Los Altos Hills, California and received her Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Linguistics at Wellesley College in 2011. After a brief career in politics and international development in Washington, D.C., she redirected to follow her heart and strengths and applied to Rabbinical school. Before starting her studies, Chayva spend 6 months hiking the Appalachian Trail and cycling the Camino de Santiago. She engages deeply within the Jewish community. Chayva invites the congregation to reach out to her at the following email address: chayva.lehrman@huc.edu.

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