Becoming a Jew by choice 
Are you wondering what it would mean to become a Jew? We would love to help you explore this question. At NTHC, the path toward becoming a Jew is created for each individual and can take many forms. For each person who seeks to become a Jew in our community, we aim to create ways toward Judaism that are engaging, accessible, joyful and challenging.

The specific process of becoming a Jew by choice at NTHC includes the following:

  • an Introduction to Judaism class
  • participation in Shabbat and holiday celebrations
  • one-on-one sessions with the rabbi for approximately a year for study, spiritual guidance and discussion
  • a conversion ceremony that includes a mikvah (immersion in the ritual bath) and a beit din (ceremonial questioning of the convert that helps them articulate their personal Jewish path) and
  • a festive public blessing during a regular Friday night service that includes receiving a Hebrew name.

If you are interested in becoming Jewish, are not sure, or have questions about the process, please know we are waiting to speak to you! Please make an appointment with the Rabbi @ 530-546-0895.

Suggested reading: Becoming Jewish: the Challenges, Rewards and Paths to Conversion by Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben and Jennifer S. Hanin and Choosing a Jewish Life by Anita Diamant.

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